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"Character" Marionette Kits

     Capturing the human face and form (and especially 'character'), on canvas or paper, in clay, stone, metal or wood, is certainly one of the most basic and universal of artistic projects. In this spirit, these unique Kits are made to provide an articulated, wooden 'canvas' for painting a 'personality' in not just 2 or 3, but 4 dimensions (i.e.with gesture and motion!).

"Character" Marionette Kits
Personality Marionettes

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Personality Marionettes

     Our 'Character Kit' provides all the essential materials and information that the kit-maker will need to make a completely original marionette 'character' of his or her own conception. Creating the clothing, painting the face and making hair are all addressed in detail to facilitate the process of creation, while keeping the canvas 'empty' until it receives the unique stamp of the artist.

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       In addition, groups will enjoy the possibility of creating characters as a 'cast' with the culmination of the project being a small theatrical production. Whether for 'theatre' or just plain fun, few craft projects will yield more satisfying and long-lasting results than the large, easy-to-use marionettes that can be made with Marionettes.com Kits.

  • Finished Marionette stands 16" Tall (without strings)
  • Easy-to-use – Simple, one-hand operation
  • Magically realistic movement
  • All wood parts, pre-cut string & poly-fiber 'stuffing' included
  • 2 3/4" Solid hardwood head is finished in oil and ready for painting
  • Bright yellow control bar with brass hook for hanging
  • Full-sized clothing patterns and detailed sewing instructions (written for the sewing novice) are included
  • You provide: Material and thread for clothing, hot-glue, IDEA
Free Shipping!
Personality Marionettes
Personality Marionettes
Personality Marionettes

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